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Branding & Design

We are here to make you look good. Whether it’s on paper or with pixels, we have a passion for art and design and enjoy working with clients who believe in the power of creative brand strategy. We use a clean, simple and modern approach to build and define your brand and its values. We have the expertise to help you discover your brand and align it with your business strategy. Together we are able to create powerful designs that drive sales.



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  • "Benchmark Multimedia is such a pleasure to work with. Projects are completed in record time and his efficient, professional communication, especially given we're based abroad, is a breath of fresh air. We would highly recommend Benchmark Multimedia."

    F. Michelon Press Loft Ltd.
  • "We were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to work with Benchmark Multimedia for our branding needs and marveled at the seemingly effortless creativity. They also recommended a reliable printer so that the entire process was painless and efficient. We would highly recommend Benchmark."
    D. Stockman KMS
  • "We were very pleased with our brand image experience with Benchmark. They began by asking us for background information on our company and what message we wanted to get across to our customers, and very first round of ideas was instantly very fitting to our needs. They worked closely with us throughout the entire process so the final design was perfect. We at BlueRoot will continue to highly recommend Benchmark."
    A. Labrie Blue Root

If you want to change the way people think about your organization, products or services, we can help. Talk to us to find out how.

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